Complete Octafx Spread Review -What is Octafx Spread ?

Complete Octafx Spread Review – Octafx Spread

Here is Complete Octafx Spread Review – Octafx Spread OctaFx Spread is really competitive, There are Three account Types with OctaFx with Different spread For Example :

Micro Account: Floating, starting at 0.4 pips Fixed, starting at 2 pips. ( No Commission )

Pro   Account: Floating, starting at 0.2 pips  ( No Commission )

Ecn   Account: Floating, starting at 0 pips ( But Please Note There is Commission )

This is Updated Screenshot of Octafx live account ( Micro Account ) Spread on most of Pairs .

( Variable Spread Not Fixed Spread Forex Account )

octafx review  ( updated octafx Spread on Forex Pairs )
Complete Octafx Spread Review
  • Please Note For Example Eur/Usd spread is 6 ( This is less than one pip ) Not 6 Pips
  • Another Example USD/CHF spread is 11: This is 1.1 Pip Not 11
  • You can choose your OctaFX forex account to be fixed spread which is nearly 2 pips or you can choose your OctaFX forex account to be variable with floating spread.

Octafx Fixed Spread Forex Account : Spread is Fixed Vs Octafx Variable Forex Account : It is Floating spread Depends on Markets .

Our Suggestion and you can always choose what is suitable to your trading style is to choose the Variable OctaFX Forex account because spread most of the time is lower.

Forex Scalpers ( Traders Trading small Time frames for few Forex pips prefer Variable Forex account ( Help Their Trading Style )

Long term Forex Traders ( Prefer Fixed Forex account )

Both Of accounts are available with Octafx Broker choose what is suitable For your Trading Style ! .

Lot’s Of Newbies don’t know that why We wanted to make it clear for them .

What is Octafx Spread ? Complete Octafx Spread Review

This Low spread help Our Traders to Trade Easily and Take Fast Trading Decisions .

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